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pressure from the angry voters. president obama is now making a change to the affordable care act. if you like your current plan, you can keep it for another year. danielle nottingham reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: for nearly $5 million -- for nearly five million americans, the white house has a fix. >> i said that i would do everything we could to fix this problem and today i'm offering an idea to help do it. >> reporter: the white house is giving insurance companies the option to keep offering plans that would have otherwise been canceled through 2014. providers, they will also have to make clear what the plans do not include. to let consumers know what other new options are available in the federal exchanges. >> this fix will not solve any pro-- every problem for every person. but it will help a lot of people. >> reporter: president obama spoke and took questions for nearly an hour. taking blame for the problem. >> we fumbled the rollout. >> the white house policy change will come as the house republicans move to provide their own fix. >> the only way to fully protect the amer
the obama care signup numbers, 106,000 people signed up for the obama care insurance. fewer than 27,000 used the federal healthcare.gov site. >> now to the washington redskins name change controversy. some native americans spoke out against the team name at the triable nations conference. bruce leshan was there. what happened? >> native american activists say they will not quit until they force owner, dan schneider, to change the team name. but there is no sign that schneider is banding. >> it's an ugly word. >> outside the interior department where the obama administration is meeting with hundreds of triable leaders, anger over the name of the washington team. >> stereotypical. it is disparaging, it's racist. >> how will it affect a 6 and 8-year-old kid growing up. >> the indian nation that is leading the campaign presented the president with a jersey from the high school which changed its name from the r word to the hawkeyes. he said he would think about changing the name. >> thank you, god bless you. god bless the united states of america. >> he said nothing at wednesday's confere
on the congressional hot seat it was a pretty rough week for the obama administration and face the nation bob schieffer is here to tell us what to expect this sunday. obviously obamacare or what's left of it will be your main subject matter, bob. >> i would think, so derek, but the problem we have this coming sunday is where do you start? the whole world is kind off news overload here. we not only have this obamacare controversy, but we also got the nsa and the latest revelations there, the drone strike that took out the taliban leader. we want to touch on that and then today, of course, this guy walks into the los angeles airport with an assault rifle and starts shooting. as it turns out, we have two officials who know something about all of those things and are following them and in some cases investigating them. senator dianne feinstein, senator of the intelligence committee and representative mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee. plus we're going to talk to the former nsa cia director general michael hayden. some of this phone tapping was going on under his watch. so we've just
mergener for cbs news at the supreme court. >>> the obama administration and conservative groups both agree that the town of greece's premeeting prayers are constitutional. come up at 5:45 we'll have a debate between a pastor and an atheist with their views on public prayers. >>> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is back in the hot seat today defending the government's new problem plagued healthcare program. for nearly three hours sebelius listened to capitol hill lawmakers hammer the obama administration's handling of healthcare.gov. sebelius said the affordable care act's website needs more than 100 fixes but shot down calls to delay the program. >> for millions of americans delay is not an option. people's lives depend on this. >> in fact, more people are losing their insurance than are signing up on the website. >> despite all the problems sebelius says the healthcare website can now process more than 17,000 applications an hour. president obama traveled to dallas this afternoon to encourage more people to sign up for the program. >>> adam kokesh will soon be release
of obama care. >> the secret service closed down the street as vice president joe biden campaigned for terri mcauliffe. a race he said was also about sending a message. this one, about who was responsible for the government dishownt. >> but, because it's the first major race between the forces and face of the new republican tea party. a tea party whose social is outdone by hostility, science and technology. >> what about the president's drop in approval rating and the problems with obama care. will that hurt you at all? >> what virginiaens are focused on, we have big issues, sequestration. how do we replace those jobs? how do you grow and diversify the economy? >> in northern virginia, peggy fox, wusa9. >> and turn out is expected to be light. so all the more reason both sides are pushing to get out their base. open tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> for the first time in 24 years, voters will have a choice in the college park mayor's race. the current mayor is being opposed by robert. he's a middle schoolteacher at george washington university. and mayor fellows house im
. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> president obama did call the philippine president to express the country's deep condolences. a team of doctors without borders is waiting because the airport is reserved by the philippine military. >>> now a story of three generations of loss. family members mourning the death of a grandfather, mother, and son, all killed in a car crash. thomas willis, his daughter, and her son, were in a single car crash in prince george county, virginia, over the weekend and all three of them are from northeast and southwest d.c. no one in the car was wearing a seat belt when it crashed into a tree. >>> within the hour, we could finally know the winner in virginia's attorney general race. at least who has the most votes. out of the more than 2 million votes, the democrat was leading by 117 votes over republican, mark. those numbers are about to change. peggy fox joins us from the fairfax county government center where provisional ballots. those big provisional ballots are about to be counted. peg. >> that's right. it all boils down to provisional ballots and
. >>> an apology tonight from president obama to the millions of americans who lost their insurance as a result of the affordable care act. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we've got to make hard to make sure they know we'll hear them. >> that was the president speaking to nbc news. he said his administration is looking at range of options to help people whose insurance has been canceled. >>> the labor department says private employers added more than 200,000 positions last month. however, the unemployment rate rose a 10th of a percent. >>> washington redskins are 3-6 after coughing up a 13-point lead in the 3rd quarter against the minnesota vikings, three straight incompletions from the 4-yard line in the closing seconds seal the victory for the vikings. washington had an identical record last year when they won seven straight to capture the nfc east title. before the game last night in minnesota protesters demonstrated against the redskins name. hundreds of people including native americans dressed up in traditional garb d
world in 90 seconds. texas, that's where president obama went to criticize republican opposition to the healthcare reform program. fallout from the messy rollout, the chief information officer for the agency running the troubled website has resigned. >> monday five individuals enter and soon they're off rack after rack loaded with new apparel out the door. saturday a half dozen entered and flash, several racks lightning speed gone. >> has anybody been fired as a result of a $2 billion cost overrun of an aircraft carrier? >> i don't know, senator. >> you should know, admiral. >> now a report at least one coach called incognito to get martin covered up. the coach had little to say. his players had plenty. >> i know they were best friends. >> they're asking us to teach kids to be prepared for both college and careers. >> education secretary arne duncan says this type of strategy is helping d.c. public schools improve faster than the rest of the nation. >> prince william joked with bus drivers before he and his wife kate boarded a double decker for a ride into london. the duke and du
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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